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  • Manufacturer: CST Berger
  • SKU: 7111708
  • Model Number: LM800
CST Berger, The world's best value for rugged automatic electronic self-leveling lasers. Visible beam laser means one investment for both general construction and interior work.

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  • Manufacturer: CST Berger
  • SKU: 7111707
  • Model Number: BL350
Use CST Berger's Builder's Level for determining grades & elevations, rough angle turning, laying out & leveling foundations, setting forms, leveling walls, setting lines, setting offset stakes. Plumbing walls, setting slope, truing forms, aligning poles or fence posts.
Rental Rates
  • 3 Hour
  • Day
  • Week

  • Manufacturer: Bon Tool
  • SKU: 7111696
  • Model Number: 14-810-B7
Bon Tool magnetic sweeper made with permanent ceramic magnets pick up nails and scrap metal. Magnets are enclosed in a heavy duty outer casing. Lightweight steel handle.
Rental Rates
  • Day

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