The Secrets of Propane and What They Can Do for You

The Secrets of Propane and What They Can Do for You

Most people have a pretty limited concept of propane’s capabilities.  This is unfortunate, because it’s long list of capabilities translates into an even longer list of useful applications for the everyday person.  It’s portability and sustainability are two of it’s greatest features, allowing it to fuel our lives and provide everything from 4th of July Hotdogs to heat during holiday season.  Read on to learn about some of the ways to incorporate propane into your life, and how it could save you money. 

It’s summertime!  The weather is hot, and it’s time to grill!  Nothing beats standing out in the fresh air with friends and family around fresh food hot off the flame.  But nothing is worse than struggling to light up the grill when you have hungry people waiting on you.  Propane grills are easy to light, safe, and save you from having to wait for burners to heat up.  The added control of a propane flame also allows you to fine tune the temperature at which you cook…so you can live up to that self-acclaimed “Master of the Grill” title.  When the bellies are full and it’s time for fireworks or ice cream, propane makes clean up easier because the burners will cool much faster than the grilling alternatives, keeping you and your helpers burn free.

Propane’s cooking advantages aren’t limited to the outdoors, though.  There is a reason that “cooking with gas” is a common expression.  All sorts of cooktops and ranges can benefit from the control and the safety that propane provides. 

But when the weather cools down, there is no more use for all that propane, right?  Just the opposite!  Who says you have to give up those summer pleasures like swimming in the pool or enjoying your outdoor space?  Propane can fuel patio heaters or space heaters that will extend your summer fun well into the cold nights of fall, raising the temperature of your outdoor space by 10 to 30 degrees.  And if you give up on using your pool when the weather gets chilly, you aren’t getting your money’s worth!  Propane can heat you pool and/or spa faster than electric heaters and save you money!

If you do want to stay indoors, propane can still make you cozier by fueling your fireplace, your water heaters, and your furnaces.  Everything you need energy for, propane has you covered.  It can keep you warm, fed, and happy, no matter what time of year!