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Tents, Tent Accessories, and Flooring Rentals

Tents, Tent Accessories, and Flooring Rentals


We carry a large selection of different tenting styles and sizes to choose from. Let our party professionals help you select what size you will need.

Tent Accessories and Flooring

We offer the following tent accessories for your tent rentals:

  • Sidewalls - solid 20' long

  • Sidewalls - French Windows 20' long

  • Tent Gutter

  • Pole Drapes

  • Tent Fans

  • Tent Heaters

  • Preimeter Lighting

  • Par 32 Can Lights

  • Barrel Weighting

  • Concrete Ballast

  • Ballast Covers

  • Blacktop Staking

  • Garbage Cans

  • Chandeliers

  • Tent Liners


Dance floors are priced per section. Each section is a 3' x 3' square. If a dance floor is going to be outside on uneven ground, we must use a sub-floor under it for a safe, level dancing surface.

Stages come in 4' x 4' sections that attached together to form the size you need. Stages can be 6" to 30", 1' or 2' high. Stages can also be carpeted and skirted for a finished look.